The Ultimate Bundle for the Stillwater Fly Fishing Enthusiast

Over $1,200 in courses, downloads and workshops!

Make the most of the long winter months ahead by bringing your stillwater fly fishing knowledge and expertise to a brand new level with the Black Friday Stillwater Fly Fishing Bundle!

"This package is an incredible opportunity to up your lake fishing game. I've had the pleasure of not only fishing with Phil and Jordan but teaching fly fishing courses together. These educational offerings will definitely shorten your stillwater learning curve"

- Brian Chan (Retired Fisheries Biologies & Lifelong Stillwater Aficionado)

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Stillwater Academy

$297 Value

Over 21 hours of self-directed, transformative stillwater fly fishing video lessons taught by Jordan Oelrich & Phil Rowley. From dialling in your equipment, understanding lake structure and trout behaviour, to advanced entomology lessons, Stillwater Academy delivers you a lifetime of stillwater knowledge and expertise

Conquering Chironomids Vol. 1 & 2

$47 Value

Created by the masterminds of Brian Chan & Phil Rowley, Conquering Chironomids teaches you the minute details of effectively fishing chironomids in stillwaters. Volume 1 begins with traditional strike indicator techniques, with Volume 2 covering advanced tactics such as naked line fishing and dangling

Chironomid Tying Mastery

$97 Value

Chironomid Tying Mastery teaches you the foundations of tying properly proportioned chironomid imitations that consistently catch fish. This course features in-depth lessons on hooks, beads, threads and body and ribbing materials, followed by step-by-step instruction on over 24 proven chironomid patterns

Tactics for Trophy Stillwaters Workshop

$97 Value

A collaborative workshop taught by Phil Rowley and Jordan Oelrich, this presentation features over 3 hours of instruction on successfully approaching trophy stillwaters. From your mindset and your equipment, to the foods that trophy fish rely on to grow to gargantuan sizes, Tactics for Trophy Stillwaters gives you the knowledge to create consistent results in fishing trophy trout lakes

Chironomid Fishing Mastery Workshop

$67 Value

Taught by Jordan Oelrich, the Chironomid Fishing Mastery Workshop packs over a decade of experience in chironomid fishing into a 3 hour video workshop. This workshop teaches you chironomid life cycles, boat and equipment setup, leader construction, knowing what fly to tie on and when, as well as advanced tactics such as dangling and naked line fishing

The Ultimate Guide to Fly Selection: A Systematic Approach to Choosing Flies that Catch Fish

$27 Value

The Ultimate Guide to Fly Selection by Jordan Oelrich delivers you a formulaic system for turning wild guesses into educated decisions when choosing a fly from your box. Remove the guesswork from fly selection and train your brain to quickly calculate a number of crucial factors using the SELFBACTD Method, and ultimately increase your confidence on the water!

Praise from our Students

“I attended the Stillwater Academy course this past Spring. Although I have been fly fishing for over 25 years I still felt I had a lot to learn, and I did learn so much. It was worth it. I had my best year on the lakes both here in BC and in Alberta. I caught my personal best rainbow trout in the BC Interior. Thank you Phil and Jordan for passing on valuable knowledge! ”

Deb P.

British Columbia, Canada

“Wanting to upgrade my skills, I jumped at the opportunity to attend Phil and Jordan's interactive, on-line Stillwater Fly Fishing Academy. I was quickly addicted and felt like I was sitting at the feet of two master instructors. They really know their stuff, covering all aspects of stillwater fly fishing from A to Z. I am far more confident now that I understand and can put into practice the art of stillwater fly fishing.”

Wayne H.

California, USA

“I have been fly fishing for nearly 60 years and was very impressed with how much I learned and re learned in the program. So much useful information about every aspect of Stillwater fishing. I highly recommend your Stillwater educational programs to anyone interested in improving their on and off the water skills. Thanks again to you and Phil for sharing this invaluable knowledge!!”

Rich H.

Montana, USA


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    Access the Stillwater Academy Private Facebook Community! This group is dedicated to sharing information with like-minded stillwater anglers

  • 4 Live Q&A Sessions with Phil & Jordan

    Included in this bundle are 4 LIVE 60-minute Q&A group coaching sessions with Jordan and Phil to answer any and all stillwater questions you might have

  • FREE Access to Phil & Jordan's upcoming "Approaching New Lakes" Workshop

    Until Friday evening, receive a free ticket to Jordan & Phil's upcoming live workshop, designed specifically to help you approach new stillwaters successfully

The Stillwater Academy provides excellent high quality professional presentations with experiential expertise... the best value for my dollar!"

- Steven D.

Dreading the long winter ahead & looking to upgrade your stillwater fly fishing expertise?

It is not by accident that 10% of anglers on stillwaters are often responsible for 90% of the fish that get caught on a given day

What separates those that struggle from those that are routinely successful?

Successful anglers are blueprinted for consistent results. They have a system, a formula in place, they know precisely what to look for when approaching a lake and how to quickly assess the given circumstances

Phil and I BOTH know exactly what it feels like to be on the outside looking in. Many days were spent watching every (other) boat on the lake catch fish and wondering what on earth could be going wrong

This all changed very quickly when I began fishing with someone who truly knew what they were doing

A good outing quickly went from 3 or 4 fish to 30 or 40, the pieces of the puzzle that had been missing for so long started falling into place

What surprised me the most were how small some of these pieces were

A subtle adjustment here, a minute detail changed there, oftentimes the things that hinder success on stillwaters are not as complicated as we think

The Black Friday Stillwater Fly Fishing Bundle is a one-time chance to upgrade your stillwater education beyond belief this winter

This bundle contains everything Phil and I could possibly put together to help make 2021 the best season you've ever had

Furthermore, you'll have a blueprint that will serve you for the rest of your stillwater fly fishing journey

We are both exceptionally grateful to be able to offer you the Black Friday Stillwater Fly Fishing Bundle!

Save 70% on the following:

  • 21+ hours of the Stillwater Academy Coaching Program ($297 value)

  • Volumes 1 & 2 of Brian Chan and Phil Rowley's 'Conquering Chironomids' video series ($47 value)

  • Chironomid Fishing Mastery Workshop by Jordan Oelrich ($67 value)

  • Chironomid Tying Mastery Course ($97 value)

  • 4 60-minute LIVE Q&A group coaching sessions with Jordan & Phil ($597 value)

  • The Ultimate Guide to Fly Selection by Jordan Oelrich ($27 value)


  • Will this be available after the weekend?

    No, this is a one-time offer that will likely not surface again until fall of 2021

  • Can I buy this as a Christmas gift for someone?

    YES! You can make the initial purchase with your own email address, or the email address of the person you wish to buy for. Email if you have any questions.

  • What if it's not for me?

    This bundle is backed by a 7 day 100% money-back guarantee

  • Are these live or recorded videos?

    Aside from the 4 Q&A group coaching sessions, these courses consist of recorded educational video content

  • I am just starting out, will the content in these courses be too advanced for me?

    If you're just beginning, these courses are the perfect place to start in building a rock solid foundational skillset in stillwater fly fishing!

  • Do I need to commit a certain number of hours to these courses?

    These courses are designed so that you can learn at your own speed

  • Does the course content have an expiry date?

    No, these courses are yours for good

“I consider myself a pretty medium stillwater fly fisherman, primarily using trial and error to figure things out. Jordan and Phil condense their decades of knowledge into easily digestible nuggets of information, that readily translate onto the water, and the results are palpable. Although correlation doesn’t necessarily mean causation: I’ve had considerably more and larger fish hit the net since the course than before it! Highly recommended.”

Teddy C. (British Columbia

Enrolments for this bundle are now CLOSED! Enter your email below to be notified of upcoming events, workshops and courses